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Think Tank Considering Connectivity

Think Tank

Our goal is to pursue a systematic, theoretical understanding of connectivity design by creating, broadening and further deepening our connections in an effort to generate business and grapple with social issues. Through the processes of meeting others, working with them, and sharing a sense of wonder, we strive to produce new values, markets, and culture together.

Think Tank

Our think tank team at Tsunagaru Inc. utilizes a theory of connectivity design we conceived through in-house research and development. This has led to developments across a wide range of social activities, allowing us to offer workshops, create new business projects, construct new business culture, and provide educational support. Our theory of connectivity design is accessible to community leaders and entrepreneurs, and serves to deepen an open movement that pushes the boundaries of both theory and practice. We regularly share the results of our work through talk sessions, periodicals, and podcasts to keep our movement going forward.

  • 01 ENdemic Workshop
    The workshops from our think tank team serve to update existing connections, give birth to new ones, and promote the creation of new business projects and corporate culture. Using our vast experience with business production, we not only help launch projects, we also support their ongoing management, and work together with our partners to strengthen their branding and creative output.
    With a thoroughly interdisciplinary background, our think tank team's mission is to utilize the fields of communication, art, engineering and research to build a better world. We believe we can create an even better society if we work together to break down the walls between communities to form new and lasting connections. That's why we utilize our many years of business experience, and the diverse methods we've cultivated through the years to design such connections.
  • 02 Seminars and Events on Connectivity Design
    Our seminars and events are designed to help business innovators understand connectivity.
    To that end, we utilize our deep knowledge of connectivity design to create spaces where connectivity designers can meet, and new communities can form. Thanks to these efforts, many entrepreneurs now help us share these ideas, and are actively implementing connectivity design in their various projects across many fields.
  • 03 Research Framework Development
    Our diverse multinational team works hard to advance our research and development initiatives. By anticipating the rapid changes society undergoes, we aim to engender new forms of value through community building and cultural creation.
    Through research and implementation of Web 3.0, DAO/blockchain technologies, we are building the knowledge necessary to create a society where connectivity has real value.

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