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Solutions Solutions Through Connectivity


New values are created through solving problems with connectivity. By working together with stakeholders, we plan solutions that offer long term benifits. From global marketing to content creation, as professionals who create connections we strive to support the implementation of our client's visions.


The solutions we offer combine consulting, design, and technology to grapple with the issues businesses and local communities face. At the center of our philosophy is the idea of connectivity design. This idea forms joint development ecologies with project stakeholders to tackle social issues that would otherwise be difficult to take on individually. Our team's capabilities allow us to consistently work together with our clients from project planning and management through to creative output.

Advocating the stance of "think global; act local" we are committed to engaging with global marketing to create cultural content in regional areas. Our strengths lie in our rich and unique resources that include vast media relations, access to influencer networks, and our expertise with AI and other kinds of technology.

  • 01 Inbound & Cross-border Relationship Building
    Tsunagaru works with both governmental and private clients to comprehensively grapple with inbound issues as a one-stop solution.
    Our relationships with various markets, including those in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East, and the knowledge we've generated through engaging with more than 200 inbound projects have allowed us to develop our firm's successful solution models.
    Concretely, we engage in solutions through marketing, strategic planning, promotion, event implementation, content development and tour creation to solve the various inbound issues businesses and local governments face.
  • 02 Collaborative Business Development Services
    Connectivity design is a framework that gives birth to sustainable, high quality connections. Utilizing this framework, we support the creation of projects that promote joint development between local regions, businesses, and individual clients. Utilizing experience design as a methodology for creating relationships and meaningful encounters, we produce experience-focused content that has the power to change the mindset of those who take part in them.
  • 03 Digital Marketing
    We provide comprehensive problem-solving skills both domestically and internationally. With data marketing expertise that has website analysis and social monitoring at its foundation, we plan promotional strategies, implement advertising and social media strategies, engage in tie-ups with the media and influencers, and conduct effectiveness surveys to ensure our client's needs are met.
    Our strengths lie in our record of successful promotional achievements, our international staff, and our abundant relationships. Through marketing surveys and promotional activity in each region, we create social media content that engages international viewership while creating content that meets the targets of our clients.
  • 04 Digital Transformation (DX) & AI Implementation Support
    Utilizing AI technology, we can implement ideas, prototyping and other services at lightning speeds. This innovative process allows us to generate an efficient, high quality output.
    Our unique content creation workflow combines AI with expert knowledge to improve visual quality, and reduce the time needed for implementation. With a high affinity for social media campaigns, this approach can rapidly produce buzz for an initiative.
  • 05 Outdoor Live Streaming / Experiential DX Services
    Our online tour solutions aim to create new travel experiences and build communities prior to traveling. We provide streaming solutions even for outdoor locations where live streaming and network connection issues are considered difficult.
    We offer a one-stop solution for everything from content planning to technical support. The tours we provide allow easy global access to sightseeing and cultural experiences through information rich video based content.

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