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Our core value is making connections that can change lives. Through the production of journeys and experiences, we create connections between people, places, culture and society. Our goal is to go beyond simple tourism to offer life-changing journeys that are built through connections, and to break through the walls between societies through shared experiences.


The journeys we offer have the potential to change the viewpoints and values of the people experiencing them through connecting with others. We want to get away from the kind of tourism that promotes simply going from one location to the next. Instead, we pursue a more sustainable kind of travel that promotes continuous engagement and exchange with regions, culture, and people. By mixing the global and local, and offering journeys beyond individual travel into the realms of educational journeys and business research trips, we create connections that cross the boundaries of nation, language, and culture.

With the slogan of "connecting bridges to new worlds by breaking through the walls of society" we create new networks between people who otherwise may not have had the chance to meet. We are developing the NOMADO PROJECT with the aim of solving various social issues, and aim to improve the connections between people by utilizing technology, promoting regional and cultural exchange, and engaging in the joint development of projects.

  • 01 Travel Services
    Our travel services aim to invigorate local regions by providing journeys that only we can provide.
    Taiwanese Market: For Taiwanese travelers who have visited Japan many times, Tsunagaru offers journeys that foster the development of friendship with Japanese locals.
    Thailand Market: Focusing on national parks and areas hit with natural disasters, we offer educational journeys that allow young Thai travelers to learn about Japanese culture, history, and how to create a sustainable world.
    Middle Eastern Markets: We've adapted strategies to welcome the new influx of travelers from the Middle East in 2023, offering VIP services, and support for Islamic cultures.
    South Korea Market: Working with influencers, we travel around areas in Japan that still have few visitors from South Korea to develop journeys that boost the number of inbound tourists.
    The NOMADO PROJECT is a social enterprise that connects people together through technology and experience design, creating a world where consideration and imagination for other cultures can flourish.
    We use digital installations inspired by windows to promote real time communication between communities that are separated by distance.
  • 03 LIVE Travelers
    The LIVE Travelers project utilizes livestreaming, VR and other technologies to create connections with people from all over the world who are interested in visiting Japan.
    Users can connect with regional areas in Japan in real time using their smartphone or PC, and interpreter navigators act as a go between for real time conversations. Beyond a simple viewing experience, users can also purchase artists' works and local specialty goods.

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