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Local Communication

Local Communication

To assist with solving regional issues and initiating innovation, connecting (tsunageru) to the future of Japan

Tsunagaru Inc. is not centralized in Tokyo, but operates in multiple locations such as Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kamakura, and incorporates the diversity of local cultures. Sensing the richness of life and the potential to become the liveliness of Japan in the future, we are working on solving problems in various regions using the production capabilities cultivated.
We believe that our mission is delve into each region, and start by discovering contents and revitalizing the community, and create a new culture together with the region.

  • 01 Local project production
    From the structural contents of the entire society, such as declining population, declining birthrate, and aging population, to the multi-faceted and subdivided area-specific matters, the issues are multilayers and is difficult to approach.
    Tsunagaru Inc. will make use of the experience cultivated in collaboration with the government for many years to create businesses to deal with complex issues and to become the driving force for achieving optimal solutions.
    We are committed to creating a local connections (tsunagari) and opening-up the future with local businesses and nationwide partners.
  • 02 City promotions
    We will realize city promotions by taking advantage of our creative development capabilities cultivated in the field of creative advertising and inbound promotions, and our ability to disseminate information both in Japan and overseas.
    Design regional performance indicators for themes such as migration, increase in tourists, and fostering civic pride.
    With a system that can be used in many ways, such as the use of WEB / SNS, media launches, event planning, and video production using drones, we will realize on-going promotions that are not one-off event.
  • 03 Discovering local content
    In the field of traditional crafts and primary industry, there are many unique resources in the regions. Such attractive gemstones are polished as local content through fieldwork and research by consultants and collaboration between industry and academia. We respect the culture that has been treasured in the region and work to discover new context.
  • 04 Promotion of new tourism
    We support community development based on tourism. In particular, we are focusing on the creation of green tourism and cycle tourism to realize a sustainable community. Beginning with surveys of regional potential and marketing, we will coordinate with the administrative sector and hospitality / transportation operators to design new business creation processes.

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