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Global Communication

Global Communication

Resolve global promotion sales challenges. Utilize abundant human relationships across the world and unique data science to drive your overseas business.

The global communication business of TSUNAGARU exceeds the boundaries of business areas of traditional advertising and PR companies, facing the global market with rapid changes to create new markets.
In the area of BtoB, TSUNAGARU provides various solutions including global promotion, PR, and development of sales channels to companies, local governments, specialized agencies (education and medical ).
For example, sightseeing PR for foreign visitors to Japan and promotion and marketing research on Japanese products.
Furthermore, products sales to overseas markets by cross-border e-commerce.
Our strengths include "human" connection with more than 20 countries and more than 1,000 foreign partners built through diverse projects, know-how of professional social marketing and sales channel development and internal staff to develop them organically.
Drive business success across national borders through alliances with foreign companies and influencers.

  • 01 Global influencer, media, and OTA (Online Travel Agent ) Coordination
    Multilingual staff with extensive international business experience assigns key influencers and media reporters for the target in the right place and creates a variety of collaborative relationships, from digital to offline events. In the field of tourism promotion, we will work together with overseas travel agencies and OTA for travel product development and joint promotion.
  • 02 Global social listening
    We can conduct various marketing research utilizing social listening in a variety of foreign languages in Japan and around the world. It is possible to collect and analyze supporting data leveraging data science for the general survey of market trends, competitive investigations, trend analysis, and influencer searches. We conduct business through flexible and speedy team building.
  • 03 Global Influencer Network "YORIMICHI"
    Global influencer platform within our company. Over 1,000 influencers and media reporters are registered in the network to match-up with clients' business needs. It is an open, friendly platform for viewing influencers' plans and profiles.
  • 04 Cross-border e-commerce support
    We utilize inhouse KOL/media networks to support product sales through cross-border e-commerce for overseas markets. In particular, within the China market, unique sales are possible through live commerce (live coverage) broadcasting in cooperation with local KOL (Key Opinion Leader). We transcend the promotion area to provide business support that encompasses sales.
  • 05 Sampling for foreign travelers who visit Japan
    It is possible to distribute sample products and leaflets to foreign visitors to Japan with certainty at various tourist information centers and travel counters across Japan. Distribution by different nationalities is possible, and through parallel use of questionnaires, the collection of actual voices of foreign visitors to Japan is possible.

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