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Creative Communication

Creative Communication

Digital transformation
brings out a revolution in clients’ business

The Creative team of TSUNAGARU fully utilizes years of experience in advertising production and digital technology to solve challenges that companies and organizations face through communication.
Producers who are familiar with the creative scene lead large projects, including government offices and national clients, to successes.
Campaign planning not only involves temporary measures but also develops a user community, designs user actions including O2O, leading to the success of major projects.

  • 01 Branding/VI Development
    - Corporate branding
    Conduct branding to launch new services and drive company transformation. Create logos and copies that match purposes after sharing medium and long-term goals with clients.

    - Product branding
    We provide visual proposals and consultations including matters related to distribution channels and business methods. They will lead to sales increases and customer loyalty improvement."
  • 02 Digital transformation support (DX)
    - Design KPIs to meet business arrangements and organizational structures
    We believe that the foundation of business is value exchange with people. How can we realize the detailed operations performed in stores and face-to-face sales on the WEB? We start by listening to our clients about their business arrangements and organizational structures and design KGI and KPI correctly.

    - UX design / customer journey creation
    Design services by considering the axes of both user's perspectives and efficient conversion.
    We will consider management functions with client business categories, coordination with existing core systems, and introduction of MA tools.
  • 03 SNS/WEB marketing
    - Subcontractor for SNS operations
    The methods of use for SNS in the BtoC area has been continuously updated. By leveraging our experience in cutting edge high-end brands and apparel areas, we form user communities and provide proposals for plans that contribute to long-term sales.

    - Propose campaigns utilizing UGC tools
    We plan and design user participation platforms on SNS and are in charge of the entire process right up until the execution of administrative operations. By building a proprietary micro-influencer network, it is possible to deploy effective viral marketing to attract customers.
  • 04 Content marketing
    - Establish an editing system
    Produce content to provide continuous information to increase brand loyalty. We attend to requests from the business-technology area / Beauty / Fashion / Life Information / Local Content etc., editing direction, to the setup of interviews photo shooting systems. G18
  • 05 Operational support
    - Operation agency and establishment of the operational structure
    Website and system are the most important for operation system after launching. One of our features is possible to support operation including on-site type operational support and workflow consulting.

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